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Tour Manager and Sound Engineer

Syd Appleton... I was the band's tour manager and sound engineer from 2000 until 2016 and was responsible for making sure that our live shows ran as smoothly as possible and so liaised with Stage and Theatre Managers regarding band requirements as far as sound and lighting was concerned. I was to be found in the Foyer selling the bands merchandise before, in the interval and at the end of the shows. Logistics was also one of my strong points and searching for sensible flights and hotels also fell within my job description.

NEWS!!! .....I am now retired and have no stock of merchandise to forward but I'm happy to answer any emails regarding my time with the band.

For CD's or general enquiries please email Kenny's son Keith at ....

Syd Appleton,Calle Pio Baroja 50, Torrevieja 03184, Costa Blanca, Spain...

Mobile: 0044 7549 205844