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Kenny Ball Junior and his Jazzmen

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!  I'm delighted to announce that John Bennett is feeling well enough to make a return to the band as of our next show in Croydon on June 5th. We have Ray Wordsworth on trombone and John will appear alongside Ray to ease himself back into form........ Since my last update I have done a lot of soul searching and have decided to carry on with running The Jazzmen. After my Father died I tried to find every way possible to get bookings for the band but probably due to Dad not being here anymore, an ageing audience, the lack of support from the general media and the band's previous agents it had become almost impossible for me, and Steve Hughes our new management, to find enough work to secure the services of the guys that have been the Stalwarts of the band.

  The Kenny Ball band has always been  of the highest calibre when it comes to the members and to retain  top quality musicians they have to be paid good money for their services. Trying to keep the band going had a negative affect on my health and also my personal life. I moved house too at the end of last year which added to the stress and now we are settled I can give the band my full attention and hopefully move onwards and upwards. We'd like to say a big thankyou to the band's fans for their kind words of encouragement that we've had at all of our concerts over the last two years. It is mainly because of this feedback from the people who supported the band for over 50 years that I knew I had to carry on. Please continue to come and see us, we will carry on as long as you want us to.

NEXT GIG ....... 5th June at The Fairfield Halls, Croydon



We will be regularly updating this website with news of upcoming dates for the band, and concert reviews until the end of this year.

Although the website is different the band is not and it is Kenny Junior's plan to carry on his father's legacy as long as you, the Kenny Ball fans, want him to. The band is the same as it was when Kenny played his last concert in Chemnitz, Germany on January 21st 2013.

Ben CummingsBen Cummings (right), who had been one of our "2nd" trumpet players along with Peter Rudeforth, Mike Henry and Alan Bateman, has now been asked to fill the boots of Kenny Ball and his appearance and attacking trumpet style has been compared to the great man himself.

John BennettJohn Bennett (left), having spent 55 years with Kenny Snr. is carrying on much to the delight of his many fans, and of course the band. At the moment John is having a course of treatment for a minor cancer condition and is hoping to return in the new year. Ian Bateman is filling in for John until then

Kenny Ball Junior (right) has taken over running his father's world famous Jazzmen as lead vocalist and the energy and enthusiasm for the music is just as entertaining as it always was. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.